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WilliamBum 说:
Mar 06, 2024 11:07:34 AM

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HerbertCully 说:
Mar 06, 2024 05:21:29 AM

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ElliottZet 说:
Mar 04, 2024 05:57:42 AM

What are the best router options for a large home with high-speed internet needs and a moderate budget?

I have a 4500 sq feet home and I need a router that can deliver at least 500 mbps of bandwidth. My budget is up to 400 dollars. The router will be used by my family of five people. I am looking for expert advice on the most suitable router models and features for my situation.

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StevenWem 说:
Mar 03, 2024 07:13:51 AM

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NathanOntop 说:
Mar 01, 2024 06:27:49 PM

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rondafi60 说:
Mar 01, 2024 01:19:36 AM

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MetaMask-wallet 说:
Feb 29, 2024 11:31:41 PM

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Thomassep 说:
Feb 29, 2024 12:01:13 PM

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junejd18 说:
Feb 27, 2024 02:39:01 PM

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kerich1 说:
Feb 25, 2024 04:44:43 AM

Indian steel tycoon jindal denies sexual assault allegations

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ThomasWroda 说:
Feb 24, 2024 08:01:24 PM

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GeorgeNow 说:
Feb 24, 2024 01:04:45 PM

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ElliottZet 说:
Feb 23, 2024 12:38:11 PM

How to troubleshoot a BenQ RL2450H monitor that fades to white and displays an "Out of range" error?

I have a BenQ RL2450H monitor that I bought second hand a year ago. It is connected to the HDMI port of the motherboard and uses the integrated graphics of the Intel 7700k processor. Lately, the monitor has been fading to white whenever I turn it on. I have to restart it multiple times until it works normally. Sometimes, it also shows a BenQ OSD message that says "Out of range". I have recorded a video of the problem here: https://vimeo.com/912495258

What could be the cause of this issue and how can I fix it?

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LesterBeexy 说:
Feb 23, 2024 05:07:01 AM

Elon Musk was star guest this year at an annual conference organized by Italian PM Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party.
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He arrived against the backdrop of an ice-skating rink and an ancient castle in Rome with one of his 11 children to tout the value of procreation.

Italy has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, and Musk urged the crowd to “make more Italians to save Italy’s culture,” a particular focus of the Meloni government.

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Meloni has been a strong opponent of surrogacy, which is criminalized in Italy, but there was no mention of Musk’s own recent children born of surrogacy.

The owner of X (formerly called Twitter) was slightly rumpled with what could easily be argued the least stylish shoes in the mostly Italian crowd since Donald Trump’s often unkempt former top adviser Steve Bannon appeared at the conference in 2018.
Meloni sat in the front row taking photos of Musk, who she personally invited. Meloni founded the Atreju conference in 1998, named after a character in the 1984 film “The NeverEnding Story.”

DonaldmoX 说:
Feb 23, 2024 05:06:35 AM

Ukraine is developing a “drowning not waving” problem. It is struggling to say clearly how badly the war is going.
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Giving a candid public assessment of how poorly a conflict is going can be an unwise move as it can result in morale and support draining. After Obama boosted troops in Afghanistan, public support declined over the years, in part because of a lack of realism about how the war was going.
Ukraine’s acutely bad presentation of its troubles is mostly due to the myopia of its allies.

The lack of understanding in parts of US Congress is breathtaking. A congressman this week suggested Ukraine should name a finite price tag and a specific, simple goal. It’s staggering after two American wars of choice in two decades, costing trillions of dollars, that congressional memories are so short, and comprehension so limited.

Instead, Kyiv consistently points to past successes and future goals. They have reclaimed about half the territory Russia took last year; they have damaged its Black Sea presence strategically. They have a plan for 2024, Zelensky said, but it is secret.

Yet in truth, the most useful headline for Kyiv should be how unutterably bleak the frontlines are for them now. In nearly every direction, the news is grim. Russian forces are hiving off parts of the eastern city of Avdiivka, yet another town Moscow seems content to throw thousands of lives at despite its minimal importance. Along the Zaporizhzhia frontline, where the counteroffensive was focused but ultimately slow and unrewarding, Russian units have come back with renewed vigor and the defense is costly for Ukraine. Ukraine has made a plucky (or foolhardy) dash across the Dnipro River, with some small progress into Russian lines. The casualties have been immense, their supply lines are problematic, and their prospects dim.

alisonvo1 说:
Feb 22, 2024 05:26:51 PM

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Thomassep 说:
Feb 21, 2024 02:59:45 PM

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glWab 说:
Feb 21, 2024 11:07:39 AM

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